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Empowering Communities with Comprehensive Water Infrastructure Solutions

All About Pact Construction

PACT Construction was started in December 1990 by Paul Maxian, Carlos Costa, our current President, and Tony Viegas. PACT began as a 6employee, onecrew operation. Over the next 30+ years, PACT has safely and efficiently delivered infrastructure project after infrastructure project.

Why trust Pact Construction

PACT Construction has grown from a simple beginning to a large, complex, multi-divisional company that employs over 70 people. PACT is positioned to excel at delivering multiple projects while providing water and wastewater solutions at the same time.  Despite all its growth, the company has always maintained its core values and has remained a family business.

Who Is Pact Construction

Over the years, PACT Construction has been known for tackling and succeeding in some of the most challenging and unique projects in the industry.  Some of these projects include the Ewing Lawrence Treatment Plant Upgrade, Trenton Water Works New Intakes, the lining of the Tredyffrin Force Main through Valley Forge National Park, and Middlesex Water Western Transmission Water Main.

PACT proudly looks back on our past successes, while looking forward to our upcoming opportunities and the next generation of projects.

Water & wastewater

PACT Construction is the trusted leader in water and wastewater infrastructure development, providing comprehensive solutions that ensure sustainable and efficient operations. With our unrivaled expertise and commitment to excellence, we deliver innovative construction projects that safeguard the environment and support the growth and resilience of communities throughout the Mid-Atlantic region.

Our Location

From awe-inspiring water treatment plants to intricate pipeline networks, our work is a testament to our unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional results and building a sustainable future for water infrastructure in Delaware, Pennsylvania, Maryland, and New Jersey.

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