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PACT Construction Project Profiles. Below is a sampling of some of our most recent work.

Trenton Raw Water Intake

PACT Construction has completed the new intake for the City of Trenton’s Water Filtration Plant, NJ. It consists of six passive screens made from 48-inch, semicircular, wedge wire. Additionally, it has twin pipes that are 54-inches in diameter, along with an associated air blast system.

The purpose of the new intake is to lessen the susceptibility of the plant to shutdowns caused by frazil ice and heavy vegetative clogging, both of which have resulted in the temporary cessation of plant operations.


PACT Construction is currently working on a $7.7-million-dollar plant expansion project that should be completed in 2024.

This RSWA project consists of a new influent pump station, valve vault and diversion box, new aeration, new UV system, biological treatment system (BNR) equipment, new solids handling building, and two new secondary clarifiers.

Weaverland WWTP

PACT Construction served as the General Contractor under Contract #1 of the Regional WWTP & Collection System Project for Weaverland Valley Authority.  This was a $15 million project with a 677-day duration.  The work for this project included the installation of a 0.410 million gallon per day (MGD) pre-stressed, post-tensioned Sequencing Batch Reactor (SBR) WWTP, consisting of two basins, sludge holding and post equalization processes, a Headworks Building,  a Control Building, and a Blower Building. In addition, an influent screening system, an influent pump station, a cloth filter system, a UV radiation disinfection system, a utility water booster system, a step aeration structure, interior flanged ductile iron piping, stainless steel aeration piping, yard piping including precast structures, and significant post-construction stormwater management site work. There were also two ancillary pump stations with two control buildings, a precast wet well and valve vault, and associated interior and underground piping.

Hanover WWTP

PACT Construction was awarded and completed the contract for Hanover Sewerage Authority’s Project Numbers 42 & 43. The projects totaled $6,220,335 and had a duration of 1,000 days. The projects consisted of Rehabilitation of HSA’s existing 65’ diameter Primary Clarifier Tanks 1 & 2, 50’ diameter Secondary Clarifier Tanks 1 & 2, Recirculation Pump Station, Trickling Filter inlet boxes, and Nitrification Tanks 1 & 2 Aeration system. In addition to the rehabilitation work, the project also included construction of a new Trickling Filter Bypass Meter Pit, a new Nitrification Tank Recirculation System, and a new Turbo Blower System for the Nitrification tanks.

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