PACT Construction is the leading contractor in the Mid-Atlantic region in water construction services.

pact construction for water

Committed to safety, excellence and sustainability. Whether it’s constructing new water treatment plants, implementing state-of-the-art filtration systems, raw water intakes or undertaking a complex water main, our experienced team is poised for any project.

North Wales Wells

3 & 9

PACT Construction built two new well buildings for North Wales Water Authority, adding chemical feed equipment and PFAS tanks.

Middlesex Water

Edison, NJ

PACT Construction installed approximately 3 miles of 42” water transmission line for Middlesex county, in Edison NJ.

Greencastle Water

Treatment plant updates

PACT Construction is currently working on Greencastle’s trident filter rehabilitation project.

Work With Pact Construction

Whether it involves the meticulous design and construction of water treatment plants, the integration of advanced filtration systems, or the precision execution of intricate pipeline installations, our seasoned team stands ready to address all aspects of your project with the highest levels of professionalism and expertise. We welcome the opportunity to collaborate with you today.

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